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Alessio Forgione at his first novel published this year by NNEditore leads us through a Naples which reminds the smokey and airy atmospheres of the captivating film Hiroshima mon amour (1959) by Alain Resnais. The film represents one of the first instances of the famous movement of history of cinema known as Nouvelle Vague. 

Naples as Hiroshima mon amour

The Nouvelle Vague develops in France around the end of the 1950s and spreads a new way of thinking, reading cinema and observing reality transforming film aesthetics. It leads toward a narrative candor which can give to stories the tone of intimate diaries able to express with honesty and poetry the fluctuating moods and emotions of a new troubled and informal generation.


Amoresano the main character of the novel seems to belong to this past generation which we tend to remember in black and white. His emotions though are not at all anachronistic. On the contrary they reveal their relevancy to current time by dealing both some of the issues of contemporary reality: job insecurity, people’s lack of faith in personal projects and the consequent standardisation of expectations and loneliness. 

Reading Napoli Mon Amour

This coming-of-age novel gathering all these cultural references in an original output presents itself as intimate as a diary written by a young man who feels to be destined to solitude but who keeps nonetheless to look for love and meanings to share.  

“Amoresano, have you read Tolstoj?”
“Yes, I have”
“All of it”
“And Dostoevskij?”
“All, Mrs La Capria”
“And Conrad?”
“All of it. Conrad changed my life”
“Henceforth then you should only be writing as things you had to learn, about writing and human nature, you now know.”

The acts of writing and reading allow Amoresano to water down pains and the sourness of solitude through the awareness of being able to identify and appreciate the huge amount of stimuli surrounding him and reflected by the overwhelming beauty, the suggestive and dramatic complexity of Naples.