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La figlia femmina (The Daughter) is written by Italian author Anna Giurickovic Dato in 2017 and published by Fazi Editore. This is a quite upsetting reading as the topic is a sensitive subject. Though the light style, able to describe emotions in a very vivid and engaging way, makes it a page-turner.

The main characters Giorgio, Silvia and little Maria, are pictured with profound humanity. Between Rabat and Rome, we follow their stories made of ambiguity, secrets, sorrow and misleading emotions where we hardly can identify who is the victim and who the perpetrator.

The reader is left baffled in front of the ethical chaos foretold by Balthus controversial yet amazing book cover. This shows the captivating painting titled Thérèse rêvant (Thérèse is dreaming) by French painter Balthus.

Recently it has been at the centre of a dispute during an exhibition at the Met of New York. The picture portrays the daughter of a waitress while sleeping and likely dreaming however the point of view of the painter is full of ambiguity and subtle sexual references.

This choice of the cover follows indeed the tone and the intentions of La figlia femmina as it seems willing to drag the reader into the depths of the human soul without worrying to much about filtering the most disturbing sides. If you love emotional intensity, and the dark sides of human heart don’t put you off, this book may turn out to be a great read.