April 25th with Italo Calvino.The Path to the Spiders’ Nests. 1947

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Today we want to celebrate the 25th of April, Italy’s Liberation Day, with our beloved Italao Calvino and one of his splendid novels. The Path to the Spiders’ Nests in a stark and succinct style portrays a fairytale-like scenario where ideals draw strength from the little things.

“We all have a secret wound which we are fighting to avenge”

We see the greatness of partisan fight reflected by the lives of those who take part in it. This way Calvino in The Path to the Spiders’ Neststalks about his participation in this fundamental experience of Italian and international history.

Living in that particular period, would we have been so courageous to risk our lives to fight totalitarisms? This book every time makes us believe that each individual has got such power and the ability to imagine, defend and fight for a greater good